Experience a challenging adventure is one of the exciting things to do. You can feel a different sensation when you deal with a new adventure. One of the things that you should consider to try is the motor trail bike adventure. Especially if you stay in Bali and wish to take your adrenalin into the next level. You might interest to try dirt bike rental Bali. It is an alternative to a fun and exciting holiday for the whole day. For more overview and information, the below paragraph will bring you the details you need.

Motocross and Bike Rental

At your first time trying a motocross, the main thing you need will be a bike. Therefore, to get a great experience, it will depend on the type of bike you select. You might want to try the bike first, hence you can try to rent a bike first and feel which one is more suitable for you. Unless you have previous experience before, then it will be easy to define which type of bike you will use for your Enduro Adventure.

Each bike will have its specific weight, transmission, and engine. Therefore, it is better to seek first the specification of each bike. This will also impact the way you ride in a certain area. For further details of the route and level, the next information is quite important to check.

The Route

When you in Bali, there are many kinds of routes that you can try. Starting from the easiest route up to the hardest one. Each place will offer you a different sensation, and off course a different level of difficulties. Therefore, the best is to ask your tour agent to select the most suitable route according to your level. However, normally there are several kinds of a route to choose among many places in Bali, such as:

  • Mountain, riding in a mountain will offer you a sensation to stroll the hills and the slope. There are several interesting areas to experience in a forest, starting from the waterfall, savanna, and many more. You will enjoy this trip as you can feel the fresh air in your breath. Therefore, it is one of the suitable selections if you want to get both, challenge and vacations!
  • Beach, anyone loves the sea will be happy to ride across the beach. The sandy road and the challenge along the beach area is a different experience to feel. Therefore, this can be a suitable selection when you wish for riding in an open space.
  • Jungle, normally this route will bring great experience and challenge. You can also enjoy the natural environment with volcanic rocks at the same time. Not to mention the challenging track and beautiful scenery around.

The Levels

Don’t make a mistake by selecting the wrong levels. For your information, there are three levels when you want to have a motocross Bali. Starting from beginner for an entry-level, intermediate, and expert level. Therefore, you need to choose the route accordingly to make sure you will not have exhausted or experience difficulties with the activity.

Normally the beginner level is an introduction for those who never try riding the motor trail. Hence, it will more to fun riding with an easy route and less time. While intermediate apply for those who have done this before and wish to get their experience into the next level. Usually, the intermediate levels are for those who have used a normal geared bike for over 6 months. The level will test your biking skills and endurance. While the advanced level is for those who have good knowledge and experience with Enduro Adventure trips in Bali. These tours will bring challenging tracks and able to push you to the limit.

Safety Equipment

Even though riding a bike in an awesome place can feel so amazing, you should remember that safety is one of the major concerns. Therefore, if you having a motocross Bali, you need to prepare the suitable equipment before doing it. For a beginner, there are few things you need to consider at your first Enduro Adventure, such as:

  • Elbow & knee pads, this equipment will help you to protect the elbow and knee. When you’re riding, you possibly hit something. Therefore, wearing the protector will minimize the effect.
  • Helmet, this will have needed to secure your head from any injury while riding. Therefore, you wouldn’t hurt your head or brain when you fall.
  • Googles, the tour area will be full of dust and debris that possibly fly into your eyes. Therefore, wearing googles can help you to avoid this dangerous material. It also keeps dirt out of your eyes when you are riding.
  • Top and pants, it is suggested to wear a specific suit for the activity to protect your entire body and skin.
  • Boots will protect your foot especially your ankles from any possible injury.
  • Chest protector, it will benefit to avoid any impact on your chest whenever you experience a sudden break.
  • Gloves, this will manage your hand to avoid any scratch while riding. Especially to minimize the friction effect with the motor handle.

Rates and Price

Be informed that each place will offer different rates and prices to enjoy Adventure Bali with motocross. Therefore, to make sure the total cost needed for this challenge, it will be better to check on the spot or make a call. Roughly you will be charged for a minimum of 1 mill, depends on the type of motorcycle you preferred, the route, and the duration. The cost normally includes all the safety equipment, guide, transportation, insurance, and food. However, the best is to make sure when you book the package.

There might be many ways to get your adrenalin into its limit. But it can guarantee that Bali Motorcross Enduro is a thing that you don’t want to miss out on. Therefore, if you want to challenge your adrenalin into the top, then you should take the dirt bike tour and get the sensation. Book now with the Tour Enduro Adventure and let the challenge begin!