bali dirt bike tabanan jungle

Ride through stunning rainforests and rice fields on these beautiful trails.

These were the first trails we created. A lot of time and effort went in to designing a course that is is suitable to all levels of riders with options t take basic, intermediate or hard routes. On these trails you will get to see some of the hidden beauty of Bali that regular tourists rarely discover. We will pass the popular UNESCO World Heritage rice terraces of Jatihluwih where you can take a break for food and coffee. These trails are the perfect way to give yourself a challenge while also experiencing local traditions and customs.

The Tabanan trails have been designed to challenge all levels of riders. We have long novice tracks and intermediate more difficult routes. In the wet season even the most experienced riders can be pushed to their limits here with heavy mud, slippery rice fields, steep climbs, rocky river beds and more.


Does riding beachside jungle trails and drifting on smooth black sand by the waves sound appealing to you? Our Afternoon Sunset Beach tour is the perfect choice. Get your heart racing and enjoy the beauty of the Sun setting over the Indian Ocean.

Good to ride no matter the season we have 40km plus of hand cut trails to challenge all levels of rider. Flowing tracks and river crossings take you past local fishing villages. Come and explore deserted beaches that regular tourists don’t get to see. Enjoy the challenge of riding on sand in a safe environment with experienced guides.


A favourite for all levels of rider. Best ridden during the wet season challenging forrest trails await. We have an almost endless amount of challenging tracks n Kintamani cut by our guides and local racers. Wide speedy trails, fast flowing single tracks, rocky and tricky climbs, fast sand riverbeds, difficult technical terrain Kintamani has it all. On this tour you also have the chance to ride the Mt Batur Volcano site which offers almost endless black sand dune style riding and monster full power climbs. Thanks to its altitude the Forrest and Volcano stay cooler than the beach areas of Bali. Take a rest with Buffet style lunch overlooking the stunning Batur Volcano and Lake . This is the tour that has experienced riders coming back again and again.


bali dirt bike negara rubber forest trails bali

The rubber forest will be the best single trail riding you will ever do, located on Bali’s west coast, it has easy fast trail though, you can have your adrenaline pumped when you wave through a number of challenging trails from flowing rubber forest plantations, open paddy tracks, rocky or muddy trails through the jungle and river crossings.

This is an adventure from everyone! You will see nature at its finest during the ride, though it does get slippery in the rain! But hey, that’s part of the fun!

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